Anti Mould





Anti Mould
• Breaks down bacteria
• Breaks down spores
• Breaks down moulds
• Ready to use
• Reduce mould and mildew for many months after application.
• Nano Technology
• Long lasting benefits for many months and washes.

A unique product formulated to provide prolonged protection against moulds and bacteria. Safe to use glass, grouting and on most modern fabrics & textiles Nanotechnology = long-lasting benefits.


Proven to be effective for months Inhibits mould & mildew Easy & safe to apply, Ready to use Water based & Non-Flammable Economical – formulated to use less.Features
Controls musty odours caused by moulds and bacteria’s. Protects your valuable assets Ideal for allergy sufferers.Functions
e.g. carpets, mattresses & bedding Eliminates odour & associated bacteria Cleans mirrors & windows Uses nanotechnology for long-lasting protection and to inhibit mould growth. Suitable for windows, mirrors, glass. Function eliminate odour & associated bacteria refreshes the room. Suitable for hard surfaces & textiles e.g. Fabric, textiles, roof, curtains, carpets, sofas, drapery, blinds, air- conditioning and clothes.

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1 Litre, 375 ml, 100 ml


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