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Atrapa Fly
• The AtrapaFly has been designed to offer discreet fly control for the home
• Incorporating Translucent Technology, it maximizes the window of attraction for flies allowing them to be caught quickly on control board (sold separately)
• Plug-in-the-wall unit
• 9w compact bulb
• Safe to use around kids and pets

Features and Benefits:
• Patented Translucent Technology™ for a better fly catch
• Plug in the wall
• Twist plug design for correct orientation in vertical or horizontal wall sockets
• Easy replacement of glue board and lamp
• Large, fully grid-marked glue board for maximum catch area and HACCP compliance
• Energy efficient 9 W lamp
• Ideal for domestic or commercial use
• Safe to use around children and pets

Plug-in Fly trap – FLying Insect Control for domestic or public areas

Discreet fly control incorporating Translucent TechnologyTM which maximizes the window of attraction for flies, enabling fast capture on the discreetly positioned glue board.

AtrapaFlyTM offers the ultimate fly control solution for residential and public facing areas. Its slimline design ensures complete discretion in fly control. Available as a plug in the wall unit.

AtrapaFlyTM has been designed for areas that require discreet and unobstructive fly control without compromising on performance. Its energy efficient 9W lamp ensures maximum flying insect attraction, as well as low energy consumption. AtrapaFlyTM’s Translucent TechnologyTM cover allows for the widest coverage of UVA, creating a maximum window of attraction for flies allowing them to be caught quickly on the glue board. Engineered with ease of service in mind, the replacement of the glue board and
lamp in AtrapaFlyTM is quick and easy. The glue board can be removed by simply pulling out from the aperture. The new glue board can then be slid in through the glue board retainers. The lamp is also simple to replace – after ensuring the power is off, remove the cover of the unit by simply pulling it towards you. The lamp can then be screwed out from its holder. Reversing this action locks the new lamp securely in place. The unit can be serviced with both hands-free and without the use of any tools.

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Device, Glueboard 10 Pack


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