Pet Urine & Odour Surface Treatment – Pet-X






• Breakdown pet urine
• Reduces revisits
• Anti-bacterial
• Spotting & odour control
• Ready to use

Value Add
• Hard Surfaces
• Textiles fabrics
• Upholstery
• Cloth car seats
• Curtains
• Carpets
• Blinds
• Clothing
• Mattresses


Pet -X has been specially formulated to be work because it too is microbial like the urine, it is wet like the urine crystals and is set at near the same pH as the urine and because urine never, ever, dries Pet-X will trace and destroy the urine.


Why buy this product?

Used by carpet and upholstery cleaners to treat pet urine and faeces stains and protect against bacteria, control the order and reduce offender re-visits, it removes malodours and works extremely effectively, lasting a long, long time.

Removes germs that cause the odours, moulds and spores. Treat the affected environment to provide protection against bacteria and microbes that can trigger asthma and allergies. Enjoy an odour free environment Protects your home from harmful bacteria.



Fresh smelling home, carpets, beds, all year round – Controls the proliferation of bacteria – Reduces odours and smells created by bacteria – incontinence – Removes Faeces odours.



The Nanotechnology additive is independently tested & proven Ready to use Easy & safe to apply Ideally suited to lounge suites, leather, mattresses and drapes this is this is sold by the cleaner to the consumer to maintain the carpet until the next clean. Suitable for most fabrics and hard surfaces. Long lasting protection Lavender fragrance



Inhibits the bacteria that cause offensive odours at their source – Eliminates odour and associated bacteria



Find contaminated area. Apply Pet X to the area & leave for 15 minutes. Wet Vacuum area or use a damp cloth to extract. Apply 2 x mist spray (Pet X) to the affected area after cleaning. PET URINE: Dogs can leave between 40 to 120m1 of urine. No Dilution: Neat and Ready to Use – Spray onto the surface – Not an Air Freshener Use on the seats (not leather), the carpet and roof lining. Turn on the air-con system to recycle mode, spray the areas listed above., close the cabin and run the air-con for 15 minutes with windows closed and no humans or pets inside. Air by opening doors and windows. For use in your car, home- fabrics, upholstery, drapes, etc.

Additional information

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1 Litre, 100ml, 200 ml, 5 Litre


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