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Rodent & Cockroach Control Packages  

Scope of work: Crawling Insect & Rodent Control Package (Once-off Treatment)
(It does not include a follow-up treatment, should you require a follow-up  make the selection above)

1 x Bedroom Apartment or House
2 x Bedroom Apartment or House
3 x Bedroom House
4 x Bedroom House

1 x Bedroom Apartment or House and Follow-up
2 x Bedroom Apartment or House and Follow-up
3 x Bedroom House and Follow-up
4 x Bedroom House and Follow-up

Please note: 

*Should you not select the follow-up and only choose the once-off treatment it will not carry a guarantee.

*Should the site requirements be larger than the purchased package a surcharge will apply.

*All prices are based within a maximum travel distance of 50 kilometres from all metropolitan areas.

*For larger sites or other services you require, please submit a request to quote via email:


Cockroach control is especially important for commercial buildings as well as public spaces such as schools and various healthcare facilities. Not only are these pests terrible to have around, but they also carry grave diseases and their excrement can cause respiratory diseases in people exposed to infestations.

If untreated, cockroaches can multiply very quickly and will spread to nearby properties in a short space of time. Getting rid of cockroaches before it becomes a huge problem requires the help of professional cockroach control services, provided by the Pest Control Specialists.

Rodents pose a remarkable health risk to both humans and domestic animals as carriers of disease such as Salmonella, Weil’s disease, E.coli and tuberculosis. What’s more, rats and mice can be carriers of other pests like fleas, mites and ticks, which can cause severe allergic reactions.

If left untreated, a rodent problem quickly becomes an infestation. While a range of DIY products is available for handling rodents to an extent, we recommend treatment by one of our professional rodent control technicians, especially for rodent activity in living areas.

We’ve been managing rodent & cockroach infestations since 1978
Our products reach where cockroaches hide
We provide a wide range of rodent & cockroach control solutions
Our services are environmentally friendly
We provide a highly effective treatment programme
Our highest priority is safety

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