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Spachem 1 Litre Easy Dose
• Cleaner & Disinfectant
• Highly concentrated
• High level disinfecting
• broad spectrum disinfectant
• Sanitize and odorize
• Piping & pump system
• Bathtub

Removes safely:
• Soap scum residue
• Organic bio-waste & Fat
• Body & Massage Oils
• Bath Oils & Grease
• Mould & Mildew
• Dirt & Grime
• Mineral deposits
• Bathtub rings

SpaChem has been specially formulated to maintain, clean and odorise the
circulation system including the bath, filter and cover. Jacuzzi, Whirlpool & Spa
Bath System Cleaner is specifically formulated to help safely remove:
· Soap Scum Residue.
· Body, Massage, Bath Oils and Grease.
· Mould.
· Mildew.
· Dirt & Grime.
· Mineral Deposits.
· Bathtub Rings.
All of which can harbour and fuel the growth of infectious and pathogenic
microbes within the piping & pumping systems of jetted whirlpool baths. A jetted
bathtub or spa is vulnerable to bacteria, mould and mildew build-up because of
the constant supply of warm stagnant and dirty water after each usage. SpaChem
is a highly concentrated effective cleaner and is a safe and powerful disinfectant
used to fully clean, sanitize and odorise the entire piping and pumping system
along with the bathtub itself. Regular usage according to the directions can
maintain a clean, sanitized and odour free bathtub system.

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