General Spot remover – Spot-X


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• Spot cleaning
• Neutral ph solution
• Ready to use
• Textiles fabrics
• Upholstery
• Cloth car seats
• Curtains
• Carpets
• Blinds
• Clothing
• Mattresses

Why would you buy this product?

Spot-X will remove stains and marks from fabric, linen, curtains, seats, and carpets without the need for professional clean. Enjoy the peace of mind of a clean room Carpets, mattresses and sofa’s look better for longer Bacteria free fibres in your room, very healthy Protect your investment.


Nano Technology ensures long-lasting benefits Removes stains and reduces re-soiling Environmentally friendly Economical.


The Nanotechnology additive is independently tested & proven. Ready to use & easy to apply Free rinsing, fast drying Low residual, Neutral pH so you can use it on a variety of stains.


Cleans fabrics from spots and stains Long lasting protection. Designed for your hotel, home or the office, and is suitable for most fabrics, fibres of textiles.


Apply directly to a hot, wet (but wrung out) cloth and dab or blot the fabric or textile to be cleaned. Leave the surface for a moment and repeat the process.

Additional information


1 Litre, 200 ml, 100 ml


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