Air & Surface Disinfecting (Hospital Grade) – Sterifog


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• High-Level disinfectant
• broad spectrum disinfectant
• Ready to use
• 30-day residual effect
• Aerosol
• Fogger
• HIGH-LEVEL Disinfectant shock treatment that bonds to virtually everything –
• Killing 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness and odours.
• Disinfectant EXPOSED
• Disinfectant UNEXPOSED (Hidden)
• Disinfectant heavy traffic areas

• Bacteria & viruses
• Fungi & mildew & mould
• Dust Mites

Odour Neutraliser
• Toilet
• Public toilet seat before use

The Sterifog™ Three-Step Process

Anti-microbial misting involves the use of STERIFOG™ and an aerosol micron diffuser to create a dry mist that permeates an entire small room facility up to 50 cubic meters.
It’s a form of HIGH-LEVEL Disinfectant shock treatment that bonds to virtually everything – killing 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness and odours.

NB: Eliminates organic and inorganic odours quickly and effectively. Sterifog is a three-step disinfecting process.

STEP 1 (Monthly Shock Treatment) Use Sterifog Disinfectant Fogger to treat EXPOSED areas e.g. – Patients room, baby rooms, an Office building – smoking rooms, small kitchens, office toilets, walk-in fridges, etc.

STEP 2 Use Sterifog Disinfectant Spray to treat UNEXPOSED (Hidden) areas. e.g. – under sinks, waste bins, door handles, under desks, shower floor, over cat litter boxes, Motor Vehicle air-conditioning vents, Office air-conditioning units and filters, Motorcar interiors, your fridge, dishwasher and dustbins at home etc. Can also be used as an odour neutraliser and disinfectant spray in the toilet. Ideal for spraying a public toilet seat before use.

STEP 3 Use Sterifog Disinfectant Room Spray to treat SMALL ROOM ENVIRONMENTS CONTINUOUSLY throughout the month to ensure daily disinfecting and odour neutralising of heavy traffic areas and confined areas susceptible to the spread of disease. e.g. – Patients room, doctor’s room, dentistry, nursery school, office buildings, Public toilets, Reception areas, inside high-rise office lifts etc. Kills, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mildew, Mould Dust Mites and odours.

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100 ml Airosol for Meter Dispensor*, 250 ml Airosol for Meter Dispensor*, 350ml Aerosol Surface Spray, 350ml Aerosol Fogger#


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