Wet Wipes Disinfecting (Hospital Grade)


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All-Purpose High-Level Disinfectant
• Waterless hand sanitizer disinfectant
• Waterless hard surface disinfectant

• Bio-degradable Fabric
• Bio-degradable liquid
• No Carcinogenic Agents
• Medical grade
• High-Level disinfectant
• Available in individual packaging
• Kills 99.99% bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew & algae.

For Neutralising Pathogens on ALL SURFACES, including countertops, trolleys and baskets, food preparation areas, children’s toys and safe for use as hand wipes.
Has a 30-day residual effect.
Does not contain any known Carcinogenic Agents. High Level: Kills 99.99% bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew & algae. pH neutral.
Wipes can be disposed of in regular landfills as they are biodegradable.

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