SaleDisposable Surgical Gowns – Blue
Spa Bath & Jacuzzi Sanitiser & Deodoriser & Cleaner – Spachem
Odour remover bag – Earthcare Odour Bag
Sandpit Disinfecting Powder (5Kg)
SaleFurniture polish Aerosol
SaleAirguard 250ml AerosolAirguard 250ml Aerosol
SaleHand Sanitiser – 200ml Sani Liquid/Spray – Pump Spray 75% Alcohol
Automatic Washing Powder – Perwash Auto (5Kg)
SaleSanitary Cleaner – Reocid 100ml
SaleHand Sanitiser – 60ml Disinfectant – Aerosol Spray 75% Alcohol
Green Urinal Cube – BioCube (5Kg)
SaleAdjustable Black Hand Sanitizing stand (foot pedal operated)
SaleAlcohol wet wipes

Alcohol wet wipes

SaleWhite elastic earloop face mask Box of 50
SaleHand Sanitiser – 500ml Sani Gel 75% Alcohol
Discreet mouse trap – Hidden Kill (Mouse Trap)
SaleHand Sanitiser – 1 Litre Sani Gel 75% Alcohol (Pump Action Nozzle)
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